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CHARACTER NAME: Julio Esteban Richter // Rictor
FANDOM: X-Men // X-Force
CHRONOLOGY: After the X-Force '99 annual. Fuck you, new X-Factor.

Julio's father was a gun-runner in Guadalajara, where he and his family lived. It wasn't the happiest of childhoods; he was held hostage once along with his father due to an "oversight of a most accidental nature." He was released a few days later, but it was events like this that likely robbed him of any form of childhood.

When he was six years old, his family was attacked outright. He and his cousin could only hide and watch while the attacker murdered his father, shooting him in the head. The man looked exactly like Cable, and Julio was convinced for years that it was. It's partially due to this that he's got such an issue with the guy.

At thirteen his powers surfaced. A terrorist organization called "The Right" kidnapped him and Rictor ended up in San Fransisco, where he was tortured and connected to a machine that blasted his powers out via a machine they could control, forcing him to bring down cities. X-Factor rescued him after not too long, and recruited him.

His stay in X-Factor was relatively brief. He made a few friends, gained more control over his abilities, and some trauma was seen from his stay with The Right as he seemed afraid of being tortured even still. He had difficulty controlling his emotions, which is when we learned that when Rictor loses control of his emotions he loses control of his power. He most noteably does this around Cameron Hodge, who apparently scares the pants off of him.

Soon after joining X-Factor The Right re-kidnapped him, and his fellow X-Factor kids did their best to help, but they ended up imprisoned along with him. Tabitha Smith came to his rescue, breaking him out and keeping himself from committing suicide. He was so desperately afraid of being kidnapped and tortured again, convinced this is what would happen again and again until he died, that he said he'd rather just kill himself.

Unfortunately the alternative to falling to his death and committing suicide was going BACK to the Right, which is right where he ended up. X-Factor breaks in and rescues them later, and as a result of this and a few more fights after, X-Factor finally figures out that this isn't exactly the safest environment for kids, and he's shipped off. During his stay with what became the New Mutants he expresses an interest in Tabby, who rejects him. He ends up with a crush on Rahne instead, something Tabby seems pissed about and tries to get him back later, but Rictor's apparently decided that his crush on Tabby is over.

One of the most notable things about his stay with New Mutants is his meeting of Cable. When Cable becomes the leader, Rictor instantly dislikes him. Even when Cable saves him, Rictor's opinion doesn't change. He's convinced this is the guy who killed his father.

After a group of them are kidnapped and taken to Genosha, Rictor's relationship with Rahne comes to an abrupt end and he leaves the New Mutants to join P.R.I.M.E., a group dedicated to killing Cable. He's still in this group by the time we see him next, in X-Force. He tries to kill Cable, the leader of X-Force, but after he fails and Cable leaves he ends up joining X-Force. He's angrier than he used to be, less stable. I figure this is at least in part due to the way Rahne rejected him and more or less left him during the Genosha story.

When Cable returns he tells Rictor that it wasn't him, but Stryfe who killed his father-- a man that looks almost exactly like him. Rictor accepts it, but this does nothing to change his feelings towards him.

He's not in X-Force for much longer, though. He's there long enough to become close friends with fellow teammate Shatterstar, taking off when Cable mentions they're going to start reading people's minds. He promises to come back if his friend ever needs him.

And it's not until then that we see him again. Shatterstar is having some. Uh. Personality issues, and Ric gets pissed about how his friend is being treated and comes back to stand up for him. There's some stuff about Shatterstar dying that's mixed up with that personality junk that isn't really important (or important enough for X-Force to have it make any sense, anyway) and then they all go back to X-Force, where he mostly stays with his buddy until they separate from the team, after Rictor's been kidnapped AGAIN, decides that he's pissed at Cable still and would rather just go home to Mexico. Shatterstar leaves with him, and that's that.

I take him from a bit after this. We don't know much about what goes on in the interim, but we do know that Shatterstar's joined sides with him in crime fighting against his (Ric's) family.

Rictor is.. a boy with some issues. He's awkward with a lot of things involving emotions, which makes him come across as angrier than he usually is. He's more of a "hit first, ask later" kind of guy. He's prone to random outbursts and overplaying the "macho man" routine, mostly as a way of avoiding dealing with whatever it is he has to deal with. It's likely how he was raised, given the nature of his father's and family's business. His answer to things he can't deal with usually involves either running away or trying to kill himself, though thankfully there's been far less of the latter from where I take him in the timeline.

CLASS: Hero. Unless he's around Cable. Then he might get a little 8|.
ALTER EGO: Julio Esteban Richter
POWER: > He can generate and release seismic energy and tremendously powerful waves of vibrations in any nearby object, organic or inorganic, causing objects to shatter or crumble. When used against objects with a larger surface, the effects are much like an earthquake. Rictor himself is immune to the effects of his own powers.

COMMUNITY POST SAMPLE: Madre de Dios. Alright, so, this? Basically the opposite of funny. If this is Cable's idea of a practical joke, I am not laughing. I do not care what that guy back there said, Cable has got to be behind this. I do not know of any other hijo de mil putas who would try and pull something like this.

Am I the only one stuck here? Tell me I am not the only one stuck here. If it is just myself and Cable stuck in an odd world full of strange people I am afraid it may not survive very long. These buildings all look terribly breakable, and I am in the mood for breaking.

THIRD PERSON: Sure, he could sit here and complain about how hard his life had been. About how his dad was a gun-runner and he grew up knowing a vicious side of life no kid ever should, about how his mom put up with it all and didn't protect them like she should've. About all the trauma, kidnappings and being tortured throughout the majority of his teenage years. Friends that came and went, girlfriends too.

Or, for once in his life, he could look at the bright side. He was back home, cleaning up the family garbage. It gave him a sense of purpose, a sense of accomplishment that he'd been searching for. All those years on those teams of mutants he'd been looking for meaning, looking for something to prove he wasn't just some trash fished out of the gutter. That his life had meaning and that he could take it, control it, and do with it what he wanted.

And beyond that, he didn't even have to do it alone. He'd been surprised to find a real partner in Shatterstar. The two had gotten along when they worked together, been friends, but he hadn't really expected things to progress as they had. But as things were now he couldn't really imagine working without him.

"'Star, you ready?" He still wasn't fond of guns, but for this particular run they were somewhat undercover. He had to look the part. With great reluctance he holstered one in his side. But he wouldn't be going without his partner.


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